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When it comes to cruising, Ullman Sails understands that one size doesn't fit all. Rather than offering a stock line of cruising sails, we build custom sails that match the customer's budget, cruising style and boat specifications. Our experienced sailmakers make sure they identify exactly what the customer wants so that every cruising sail is a perfect fit.

Plus, we are always available to answer questions about cloth selection, UV protection, roller furling systems and sail inventory options. Cruising is about enjoying your time on the water. You want to be confident that you have invested in sails that are built for durability and performance.

Blue Water Cruising

Ullman Sails has extensive experience serving cruising adventurers who have traveled all over the world in every condition. So we know that our blue water customers require a sail inventory to match their ambitions. Whether you're contemplating a full batten mainsail, a furling mainsail, a furling genoa, a cruising spinnaker or a storm jib, we'll customise each sail for your cruising needs.

Your Boat Type
We can help you choose the right sails to match your boat's specifications and sail plan.

Strong, Durable, Dependable
Every sail we offer is built for the long haul, continuing to perform in a wide range of conditions.

Outstanding Service
Our goal is to keep your sails performing and to keep you cruising. We have skilled sailmakers located all over the world who can help with any sail repair or alteration you need while cruising.

High-Specification Fabrics
Ullman Sails uses specially constructed synthetic cloth woven from fibers that increase strength, UV protection and longevity that will stand up to the demands of long-distance cruising.

Extra-Tough Features
We take special care to modify your sails for blue water conditions, adding more miles and years to your sails life. To name a few, we build larger, reinforced patches; strengthen areas around hardware attachments; and add anti-chaffing measures including seam coatings, and spreader and stanchion patches. We only use the highest quality hardware and construction materials.

Coastal Cruising

We understand you're not sailing around Cape Horn - you just want to spend a quiet weekend cruising up or down the coast. At Ullman Sails, we'll work with you to make your cruising sails fit your sailing style and your budget.

Your Boat's Wardrobe
We can help you decide what will be the best addition to your sail inventory, whether it's a new sail or reworking what you already have. We aren't looking to sell you something you don't need. Instead, we try to pinpoint the perfect solution for each customer.

Cruising Features
There are several different adjustments we can make to your cruising sails to make them easier to use. Our Ullman sailmakers can offer expert advice from whether you need full length battens in your mainsail to what is the best size for an overlapping roller furler Genoa.

Cruising Chutes
We've specially designed our asymmetrical cruising spinnakers to make them easy to use and perfect for adding a little more speed to your trip.

The Right Technology
Cloth choice is a critical component of sail longevity. Is a woven fabric or a cruising laminate the best option? We can help you evaluate what is the best match for you.


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Endurance Cruising Series
Endurance Cruising Series
Endurance Cruising Series

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